No joke: Tomorrow’s snow could be second biggest of winter!

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Yes, there's a possibility that we could receive our second-biggest snowfall of the winter season tomorrow.

Here's how it will all work. A stiff northeasterly wind will develop this evening, allowing temperatures to fall to 35 degrees by Wednesday morning. A steady rain will begin after 3am, lasting through 11am Wednesday morning. By midday, rain is expected to mix with or change to snow. Snowfall rates could be quite impressive, possibly in the 1-2 inch/hour range. If this was December or January, that would accumulate pretty quickly. However, this is April and ground surface temperatures are in the lower 50s. So some of the snow will melt as it falls. However, snowfall rates will offset that warm ground temp. This will allow 2-4 inches of snow to accumulate. That's my initial thought from a little more than 24 hours out.
Any snow that accumulates will melt off on Thursday with highs around 46 degrees. 50s are likely on Friday with 60s on Saturday and a good chance of 70 on Sunday. How's that for a rebound?

Here are the top seven biggest snows of the winter season in the Quad Cities:

  1. 7.8" December 4th
  2. 3.2" March 13th
  3. 2.7" December 17th
  4. 1.7" December 10th
  5. 1.6" March 12th
  6. 1.5" December 11th
  7. 1.3" February 7th

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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