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9 of the best reasons this gloomy weather is actually a good thing

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Today is the seventh day in a row with cloudy, rainy weather in the Quad Cities. If it rains at some point tomorrow, this will be the gloomiest stretch of days since June 2015! That’s how long it’s been since we’ve had eight days in a row. Because it’s been so drab and dreary, we decided to ask if there’s a silver lining. Sure enough, there is! Here are the nine best submissions that we got.

9. It is good weather to get stuff done around your house! (Unless that’s getting out the wet vac in the basement.) Betty McKenna says “I like to clean closets on a rainy day.”

8. It’s good weather to read. Either that or get caught up on Netflix! Hope Hollingsworth also adds another thing: naps!

7. Making soup. Is chili considered soup, or is it something different? Today would’ve been a great day to have some chili in a crock pot! Thanks Barb Menard for the soup idea.

6. This is good for the birds. Think about the hard work that some of our feathered friends have done getting here this Spring! They deserve a free meal! And Ann Day says “The robins here are having a hay day! Worms, worms, worms!”

5. “We need the water to get the gardens going.” Thanks to Tammy Dickerson for this one. Sure thing! It sure is “greening” up around here. And the gardens and fields will be ready for planting in no time. Only draw back is when we get to a sunny day, the lawn will need to be mowed.

4. This is clearing the salt off the roads. That’s good news for anyone going out on two wheels these days. The gravel, sand, and salt on the roads makes it dangerous for motorcyclists and bicyclists. Wise words from Jason Wisely!

3. Recharging sub soil for farmers. Kim Meier, who is a farmer in Northwestern Illinois says, “It’s super dry down just a few inches and that is of great concern.” Ask any farmer about the need for moisture before the crops go into the ground, it’s essential!

2. Jeff Totten has a good one! We’re all getting a lot more done at work. We might as well work hard, there’s nothing we can be doing outside!

1. Shane Hollowell has the number one reason we should be happy for the rain: “At least it’s not snow!

Thanks to everyone for chipping in on this list!

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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