Mental health tax on the ballot for Knox County voters

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GALESBURG, Illinois-- That's Hannah Bradburn and her best friend Mallory. The two are supposed to be helping Hannah's mom at work, but laughter is contagious when they're together.

It's like that with all the friends Hannah meets at a summer camp in Knox County for people with disabilities.

"She has some cognitive disabilities, so anything related to normal school type stuff has always been a challenge for her," says Hannah's mom Denise Bradburn.

Hannah's mom worries if a new Knox County tax isn't passed, services Hannah utilizes will be eliminated because of insufficient funding.

But by voting yes, Knox County voters can support the camp and other services for people like Hannah. The tax also benefits programs for people with mental health issues and substance abuse programs.

"It will be the second lowest tax rate on your tax bill," says tax supporter Mark Rudolph.

Let's take a homeowner of a $60,000 home. They would pay $30 extra a year. That's $2.50 a week.

Supporters say because of the Illinois budget crisis, it's more important than ever to pass this tax.

"Declining funding, increasing need; it's a train wreck waiting to happen if we don't address it today," says Rudolph.

"It impacts us personally in our house with Hannah and the disabilities she has, but I know friends and family that have utilized other services the tax will provide for," says Bradburn.

The tax needs a simple majority to pass next Tuesday.