Health centers team up to create better access for mental health and substance abuse services

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-- The Robert Young Center and the Center for Alcohol & Drug Services (CADS) are partnering up to give easier access to resources for their patients.

"The opportunity to affiliate gives us the ability to really combine our resources, combine our expertise to better meet the needs of the quad city community," says Dennis Duke," President of the Robert Young Center.

Both centers agree the partnership will give an opportunity to develop better care for those dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues.

"People want to have those needs met. And when they're in times of crisis and struggling, we're there to say there is hope, this is how you get there and where you need to go," says Joe Cowley President of CAD.

Cowley says their goal is to simplify the process to those who come for help.

"It's a very hard system to navigate sometimes," says Cowley, " we want it to be much easier for folks."