Cleaning up Naplate, Illinois one month after the tornado

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NAPLATE, Illinois--- The clean up efforts in Naplate, Illinois continue one month after a tornado ripped through the village.

About 143 homes were damaged, 20 of which still needs to be torn down.

" We have new roofs being put on every day... We have some homes that have been demolished, we have some homes we hope to start rebuilding next week," says Jim Rick Mayor of Naplate.

Although Naplate does not qualify to receive federal or state financial help, the area has received countless donations. An account has been set up at Ottawa Savings Bank.

Exelon Corporation is also donating a storm siren after the old one was damaged after the storm. Rick says this donation could save the village about $30,000.

Representatives from Exelon will meet with the Mayor of Naplate, Wednesday, March 28, 2017 to discuss the kind of siren donation and when to expect it in the village.

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Tom Bailey, like many of his neighbors, is still working on his home repairs. A construction crew spent the last seven days making repairs to the roof and siding of his home and garage.

He says the idea of moving somewhere else to start fresh never crossed his mind.

"I`m a sentimentalist my parents had the house build and when they died I bought it from them," says Bailey.