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Bureau Valley High students help with wildfire relief efforts in the south

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BUREAU COUNTY-- Students from Bureau Valley High School will head to Buffalo, Oklahoma to donate about $2,000 worth of hay, Monday, March 26, 2017.

The materials were donated to the Bureau Valley Future Farmers of America by local farmers in the community to help farmers in the south effected by wildfire damage.

"We found an area of Oklahoma that we think is very much in need of donations. We've heard a lot about Kansas and Texas and Oklahoma I was kind of worried was getting left behind," says FAA adviser, William Anderson.

The group is also looking to donate fencing materials to rebuild a lot of the structures lost in the fire.

Sophomore Stephanie Gripp says the work students are putting in now also helps the people who depend on the Oklahoma farmers for food.
"Farmers do feed the world and Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas...are such big livestock cattle areas... We wouldn`t want those ranchers to suffer and loose their livelihood because they won`t be able to continue to do what they need to do," says Gripp.

Four students will deliver the materials Tuesday March 28, 2017.