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Today on GMQC: Doritos promposal, unique wall art, and reviewing the rules of 4-way stop signs

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If you didn’t watch Wednesday’s Good Morning Quad Cities, here are the most interesting things you missed.

First, the “bottom” of the news on the top. Etsy now has custom butt weaving! That’s right, now you can own your very own custom butt weaving to display anywhere you’d like! Bonus points for news anchors reading “butt weaving” off of the TelePrompter:

Next up, a boy has a unique proposal for Prom. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, he’s got Doritos! Let’s be honest, Doritos really bring more immediate satisfaction than flowers:

Eric explains why he wore a helmet on his head while shopping at Walmart:

Finally, Eric has the perfect comeback to the driver of a Maroon Nissan Maxima who didn’t understand the rules of a 4-way stop sign. Here’s Eric’s official Stop-Sign Etiquette:

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