Charges allege driver didn’t clear icy windshield in deadly “can man” crash

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ROCK ISLAND -- An East Moline woman charged in a deadly accident couldn't see through her windshield because it was partially covered in ice.

That's why prosecutors say they believe felony charges are warranted in the December, 2016 crash that killed a Moline man named Bob Moldenhauer, nicknamed the "can man" because of his daily trips to a nearby recycling center.

Kristianna Granada, 25, plead not guilty to two different counts of reckless homicide at an arraignment on Tuesday, March 21.

She was indicted by a grand jury the day before. New court documents allege that Granada's van was "not equipped with a windshield defroster or heat" and her visibility was obstructed by "ice on her vehicle's window."

"We have a situation where, allegedly, that she was unable to see at the time of her driving and that she killed somebody," said Rock Island County States Attorney John McGehee, after Granada's brief hearing.

"We try to balance and weigh all the facts and make a decision which we think is fair and just for all, " he said.

Shortly after the December accident, an eye witness told WQAD-TV what he saw.

"I thought in my opinion, she was speeding and it looked like her windshield was iced over to me," said Tom Normoyle. "The white van hit him, put him right through the windshield, his back was through the windshield, he was looking at the sky," he said.

If she is found guilty, Granada could be facing prison time.

Granada is out on bond. A May trial date was set.

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