Parrot tries to eat WQAD News 8 microphone at Vandeer Veer Park

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Sunday was a beautiful day to get outside and stretch your wings... literally.

Duece, a 15-year-old parrot, was out with his family at Vander Veer Park on Sunday, March 19, 2017. Duece has been with the Duex family for about nine years, after they rescued him. And Duece must love them because he doesn't fly away, even though he could; his wings aren't clipped.

Duece's owner, Mike Duex said they take the bird everywhere.

"We draw a crowd everywhere we go," said Mike.  Not only is the bird entertaining, but he's very friendly. They've even taken him to nursing homes to visit the elderly residents.

Duece speaks, but only with the family (though we're pretty sure we heard Duece say "want it" when Mike offered him a sip of soda).

The bird also loves pizza and vanilla ice cream from Whitey's. Oh, and WQAD News 8 microphones.


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