Bettendorf Student Thanks Teacher for ‘Life Advice’

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BETTENDORF - Pre-calculus and calculus can be challenging enough for high school students, and life can become even more challenging when a student adds extra curricular activities to their routine.

That's the case for Bettendorf High School junior Lexi Mendoza, who put together a March of Dimes pancake breakfast in November of 2016, to raise money to help premature babies.

"When you're the one coordinating it, and you're the one taking up the responsibility, it can be a difficult challenge," Mendoza said. "It easily overwhelmed.

Math teacher Brent Hutton knew Mendoza was going through tough challenges setting up the breakfast, so Hutton talked to Mendoza to help her figure out how to get more out of her teammates.

"If you want it to be the best, and if they're letting you down, you're going to to have to step up and actually pick up the slack," Hutton said.

Hutton ended up doing that, and the event turned out well. That's part of the reason Mendoza nominated him for a My Favorite Teacher award.

Mendoza wants to go to the University of Iowa in two years, and the leadership skills she's learned from Hutton could help her do that. Mendoza has had Hutton as a teacher over the past two years, but her relationship with him, goes further than that.

Hutton wins a $25 Visa gift card from Blackhawk Bank and Trust and a blanket from Western Illinois University Quad Cities. Mendoza wins a $50 Visa gift card from the bank and a water bottle from the university.

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