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New group created to fight off hate in the QC

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Some concerned citizens have created a new group in the Quad Cities to fight off hate.

The group is called One Human Family QCA. The goal is to prevent and reject hate crimes.

"It's trying to stand up for one another and the name says it all it`s a one human family looking at our similarities with one another," said Imam Saad Baig, a group member.

The group says it's fighting a political climate that seems to fuel the hate.

According to a report from the Southern Poverty law, 10 days after the election there were 876 hate incidents.

"So much of that rhetoric that came out of the election encouraged those who hate to step out from behind the shadows and to insert their bigotry in public," said Rabbi Henry Karp.

The diverse group wants to send the message that everyone is welcomed.

"Do not let the fear and the fear mongering really bother us, rather be a person who can bring about a positive change and then you`ll realize there are many people like you within the community," said Baig.

Within the group are four task forces, that will focus on educating and spreading awareness, helping immigrants, offering resources for those who have been a victim, and plenty more.

"Our community is a very welcoming and inclusive place, but there are incidents happening even here locally and we need to stand up against that kind of hate," said Reverend Richard Hendricks.

One Human Family QCA will hold monthly meetings for the public to attend. The next one is Tuesday, March 28th at 4pm at Temple Emanuel, located at 1115 Mississippi Ave.

For more information you can visit their Facebook page.

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