Deadline looms for Rhythm City’s barge to be removed from riverfront

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - The deadline to remove Rhythm City's barge from Davenport's riverfront is just two weeks away. The barge has sat there for more than a year, creating a bit of an eyesore for the city.

Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch says Rhythm City has been working hard, but there's still been no buyers and what's left on the riverfront is supposed to be gone by April 1st.

The riverboat was sold and moved to Memphis late last year, when the casino moved to land on interstate 80.

Mayor Klipsch says it's a hard thing to sell and the high river levels haven't helped either, "We`re all committed to have the best riverfront we possibly can and that will clean it up and makes a start of where we go from here."

Mayor Klipsch says the city and Rhythm City have always had a good relationship, if Rhythm City isn't able to meet the deadline the city will have to sit down and decide what actions to take.



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