Davenport church uses the power of music to raise funds for organ destroyed in tornado

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Organist Ross Jallo, puts his heart and soul into his music.

"It grabs you somewhere inside of you... it's just like no other feeling," said Jallo.

He remembered playing the organ at Wesley United Methodist Church last year.

"Every organist carries with him a memory of every instrument he's played... to see that instrument destroyed is to lose a piece of you," said Jallo.

An EF-2 tornado destroyed the organ at Wesley United Methodist Church and the devastation hit close to home for Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.

"To not have that pipe organ, or to have it yanked away by a disaster, is like losing a loved one," said Ron May, Director of Music Ministries.

Members of Trinity Cathedral decided to ask for a special offering during weekly organ concerts every Wednesday at noon during lent.

"This is just a small gesture to reach out to them, we've heard from the organist that it sounds like it's a complete loss and not much can be salvaged," said May.

A new organ, as large as the one destroyed at the church in Muscatine, could cost up to $1 million.

So Trinity Cathedral, is using the power of song.

"When you take the spoken word and you elevate it through music, it gains power, it gains strength, it touches your heart, it touches your soul," said May.

To help bring the music back to Muscatine.

If you are not able to make one of the concerts and would like to donate you can contact the Trinity Episcopal Church HERE.

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