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Loebsack: Steve King is an “embarrassment” to Iowa

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MOLINE – Iowa Quad City Democratic congressman Dave Loebsack says Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is an embarrassment to the people of Iowa.

Rep. Loebsack made the comment while talking to News 8's Jim Mertens after Congressman King reiterated his Sunday, March 12 tweet saying "we can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies."

"Steve King with his history of racist and bigoted and sexist remarks is an embarrassment to the state of Iowa," said Loebsack.

He says he hopes the rest of the Iowa Congressional delegation speaks out against King.

King's tweet came in support of Dutch politician Geert Wilders who wants to ban the Koran and close mosques in the Netherlands.

"It's very unfortunate he is from Iowa," Loebsack says of Rep. King.

"Quite honestly, I am tired of answering for Steve King when I'm in Washington, DC or anywhere else in the country.  He doesn't represent Iowa as far as I'm concerned. He's an embarrassment."

Rep. Loebsack also talked about Defense spending and Arsenal Island, the Republican Health Care bill, and Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad's appointment to be U.S. Ambassador to China.  You can watch that portion of the interview below.