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Local Teacher Even Makes Geometry Class ‘Fun’

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GENESEO, Illinois - It's easy get numbers mixed up in any geometry class, but at least in Geneseo Middle School Teacher Taylor Mathew's class, he tries to make it fun.

"75 percent of the kids have no desire to be in a math classroom," Mathew said. "So if you can make it more personal, and make the kids feel comfortable with me and in the classroom, I think that goes a long way. It makes them try a little bit harder in the classroom."

Mathew's effort has had an impact on former student Thomas Robinson, who nominated Mathew for a My Favorite Teacher Award.

Mathew will ask the kids what they had for dinner or have them play games together to help them interact. Even though he wants them to learn more about math by the time the bell rings, his goal is to have the respect of his students."

"Maybe they didn't learn everything they need to in math," Mathew said. "But hopefully I was able to build a lasting relationship with them."

Mathew received a $25 Visa gift card from Blackhawk Bank and Trust along with a blanket from Western Illinois University Quad Cities. Robinson received a $50 Visa gift card from the bank and a water bottle from the school.