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Simple, inexpensive tools could save your life in an auto accident

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MILAN, Illinois-- You see car accidents happen all the time on the highway but you never expect to ever be in one.

One minute you're driving and then next your trapped in your car with no way out.

"Most people won't expect something like this to ever happen within their life, unfortunately the statistics are out there that all of us are going to experience a crash of some sort," says Illinois State Trooper, Jason Wilson.

Wilson says the best way to prepare for an accident is to be ready before it happens. That also means knowing what safety tools you need in your car and how to use them. He recommends keeping an emergency kit in your car where you can reach at any moments notice.

"The emergency hammers or the seat belt cutters those are fantastic tools to have but you have to make sure that you secure them in a place you're going to be able to reach from your drivers seat," says Wilson.

We tested out two tools on two cars over at All Service in Milan. Wilson says the fastest way to break a window is to concentrate on hitting any corner of the window.

First up was a regular hammer that could be found in any home.

After several attempts to break the window with the hammer not a scratch was made.

Next up the specialized hammer. It had a pointed tip and felt lighter than the hammer.

One swift move of the specialized safety hammer and the glass shattered.

"Seconds do count. It's important that you are comfortable using that emergency equipment," says Wilson.

Wilson says many drivers don't realize how important it is to learn about the safety measures to be taken before an accident happens.

"It takes more than an effort than most would think to break out of a window because they are designed to protect you," says Wilson," and you're going to have to use all of your effort if you're going to try to utilize this emergency equipment to be able to get out of the vehicle."

These specialized safety hammers costs under 20 dollars and can be found online and in stores.