Trump’s projected pick to head the FDA expected to roll back pharmaceutical regulations

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-- President Donald Trump is poised to choose conservative Doctor Scott Gottlieb to head the Food and Drug Administration, according to a White House official. Gottlieb's job will be to cut the red tape at the FDA, which regulates everything from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics.

Critics fear the Trump administration wants to reverse decades of protections. Congress toughened the drug approval process after the crisis over thalidomide, which caused severe birth defects in babies whose mothers took the drug during pregnancy.

Meantime, congressmen across the country continue to face angry crowds at local town halls. Nine term congressman Darrell Issa confronted angry voters at his first town hall since the November election. He tried to address concerns over the repeal of Obamacare, calls to de-fund Planned Parenthood, and the EPA. But, audience members mostly booed and jeered throughout the meeting.

In Florida congressman Ron DeSantis' meeting with constituents, crowds were unruly and outspoken at all three events. People expressed concerns on a number of topics, including health care reform and hacking.