Trump’s health care plan faces resistance from both parties

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Efforts from the Trump administration to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act are becoming more of a reality, following the introduction of a new health care plan. The new bill is already facing pushback, and not just from Democrats.

"Repeal and Replace" was one of Trump's signature campaign promises. Earlier this week, the Trump administration launched a new bill, which has already cleared its first hurdle in the House. The new healthcare plan has been met with resistance from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Democrats call the bill "bad policy." While some Republicans, like current Senator and former Presidential candidate Rand Paul, are vocal opponents, too.

Paul argued the new bill "is basically Obamacare light." The Kentucky Senator continued, "The one primary thing that is wrong with Obamacare is that premiums are rising through the roof. That will happen under the Ryan plan as well because it does nothing to fix the fundamental problem."

As for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's message to Republicans? He told cameras today, "They can't always get what they want."

Another battle could be brewing among Republicans as President Donald Trump send his budget proposal to Congress this week. His plan calls for an increase of $54 billion in military spending. That means deep cuts for agencies like the EPA and the Departments of Education and Housing and Development.

Republicans unhappy with the budget could join Democrats is opposing it. That increases the possibility of a government shutdown when the 2018 budget year begins on October 1st.