Speedway fire rescue prepares for racing season

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - The Speedway Fire Rescue volunteers raced to put out a fire as part of their training.

"We gotta be on our toes, we gotta be ready to go," said Karri Coyne, Training Coordinator.

The training is an annual thing for the volunteers who work more than 160 events each racing season.

For Harlan volunteer firefighter Justin Schechinger it was his first speedway training, which he said is different than the firefighter training he's used to.

"It's a race car, you gotta roll the cage and you got a real small area to get too and it's not like I can just come up to the side of it and cut it open," said Schechinger.

Anything can happen when cars are racing up to 100 mph so that makes the training so important to the volunteers.

"There might be a rollover, we might have fire, might be several cars involved, where we might have a lot of different drivers we have to take care of," said Coyne.

The organization is always looking for more volunteers, for more information on how to join you can contact Karri Coyne at karri.coyne@yahoo.com.