Jobs are up and unemployment is down as President Trump hits 50 day mark

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-- The White House says job numbers and up and unemployment is down in the latest jobs report.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus tweeted that Trump delivered 235,000 new jobs and brought the unemployment rate down to 4.7%.

That's a turn for President Trump who, just three months ago, called the unemployment rate "fiction."

To mark his 50th day in office, the White House released a list of the President's accomplishments, including executive actions aimed at reducing government regulations, tightening the country's borders, increasing military spending, and rolling back Obamacare.

And there was a brief scare on White House grounds this afternoon. A man jumped the fence and managed to get on White House property while Trump was in the building. Secret Service agents quickly arrested the man, once he was spotted. They searched his backpack, but say they found nothing suspicious. No word yet on a motive.