Moline Police celebrate Chaplain of 20 years

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MOLINE-- Reverend Robert Miller remembers his first day as a Moline Police Chaplain.

"Twenty years ago I was learning the ropes," says Reverend Miller.


Since 1996 Reverend Miller stood with the Moline Police Department especially through the tough times.

"I have memories of hard times," says Reverend Miller.

As a police chaplain, his volunteer work involved counseling officers and community members, and notifying family members of a death.

"Being a police officer isn't always easy. He's always there to listen and to help us, but he's also there for the community as well," says Moline Police Captain, Trevor Fisk.

Fisk says he has worked with Reverend Miller since the beginning.

"I've been here 24 [years], so I've been with him the entire time he's been here and he goes beyond just being a police chaplain to us, he's a family member," says Fisk.

A like a family Reverend Miller and the Moline Police Department supported each other.

"These men and women have taken me under their care and had my back when I needed it and I hope I've been there for them as well," says Reverend Miller.

Reverend Miller says he will continue to work with the Moline Police Department for as long as they need him.

"People invite me into their lives at the most privileged time when the most important things are happening. They want to get married they call a preacher, they have a baby and expect me to be at the hospital. The police department has done that same thing. They have invited me to be in those important moments of their life," says Reverend Miller.