EF-2 tornado continued from Muscatine into northern Scott County, officials say

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Surveyors have confirmed that the storm that blew through Blue Grass, northwest Davenport, and Eldridge was an EF-2 tornado (map of damage path below)

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The storm raged a path of 25.3 miles on Monday, March 6, 2017, according to a storm survey report from the National Weather Service. The tornado, which lasted from 10:13 p.m. until 10:36 p.m., brought winds up to 120 mph, and was 1,000 yards wide.

This tornado started in Muscatine County and continued into Scott County. It left power poles snapped, took off the roof of a house, and damaged several farm buildings and trees.

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There were no reported injuries.

Path of tornado damage. Map from National Weather Service