Local company says new travel restrictions will be detrimental for business

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - President Trump's revised immigration order could end up hurting a family owned business.

Mid-American Glass Inc. in Davenport has worked to keep up with the industry's changing times.

"We`re a small, one location glass fabrication operation," said President, Michelle Magyar.

A couple of years ago it purchased a tempering furnace. The specialized equipment is from Finland. The engineer who helped install it is from Iran. He makes trips twice a year, but the Trump administration's travel restrictions may put an end to that.

"If he`s not able to come back that`s really a detriment to my company, not being able to have the best person available to do that work," said Magyar.

He's not just a citizen to the company but also a friend.

"We went fishing, he came to family gatherings and is a super guy," said Magyar.

Iran is among the six countries under restrictions that will be in place the next time the Iranian engineer is scheduled to return to the Quad Cities.

Magyar says he's already faced plenty of scrutiny, "He has gone through quite extreme vetting so my question is why are we going to this extreme, why are we keeping out or attempting to keep out good people."

A restriction she says is keeping out workers with the expertise to help her business grow.