Cleaning up after severe storms in northwest Davenport

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - In northwest Davenport residents took a look at the damage left behind.

"Still in shock, my adrenaline's going, first time I've ever been so scared in my life.... we literally thought we were gonna die," said Lora Sletten.

Jennifer and Lora's backyard was covered in Debris after a storm on March 6th, 2017.

"Just overwhelmed, flabbergasted... I'm just glad nobody was hurt," said Jennifer Netusil.

When the storm hit, both Jennifer and Lora took shelter in the only place they could, a small closet.

"They were over in the side here and then we brought the dogs put one of the dogs on the carrier the other one there, she was standing up and I was in the corner," said Sletten.

With all the debris in the backyard, their home remain untouched.

"Amazing, I've looked all over for a broken window... a crack in a wall and I can't find a thing," said Netusil.

Just ten minutes up the road on West 60th Street there was a row of cracked poles and fallen power lines.

"It's scary, ya know because you don't want to lay in bed when you know those (power lines) are that close and potentially those trees could give and be in our house," said Jolinda Derrick, home owner.

Broken trees and power lines dangling in the branches is what residents on that street woke up to.

"We just want to try and get through this and do the best we can," said Derrick.

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