Iowa dog found in desperate conditions going home with rescuer

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SANDYVILLE, Iowa — Dog lovers in Iowa are outraged after 19 dogs were found living in deplorable conditions, but there’s joy to be found in happy endings.

Karma, a bloodhound, was one of the dogs rescued from the two properties in Warren County on Feb. 1, 2017. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa, who cared for the dogs after their rescue, says Karma had been in hypovolemic shock due to hypothermia and had suffered extensive injuries. She was rushed to the nearest vet and lost an ear due to one of the injuries.

Sheriff Vos “picked her lifeless body off of the floor of the feces-covered trailer she was trapped in, along with several other dogs,” according to a social media post by the ARL.

The post goes on to say that Vos hadn’t been able to get Karma out of his head, so he and his wife went back to visit her after she was cleared for adoption.

“While there has been overwhelming national interest in adopting sweet Karma, we are happy to announce that she will be going home with the very person who saved her life and helped collect the evidence that will hopefully bring her alleged abuser to justice: Sheriff Vos,” it reads.

“We cannot think of a more deserving family for such an amazing dog.”

An investigation began after two dead dogs were found on a property in Sandeyville, Iowa. The remaining 19 dogs were found injured, malnourished and covered in feces.

Lindsey Morrow is charged with ongoing criminal conduct, second-degree theft, fraudulent practices, five counts of animal torture, five counts of animal neglect (serious misdemeanor) and 17 counts of animal neglect (simple misdemeanor).

Morrow has in the past raised money via GoFundMe for the Bully Breed Miracle Network supposedly to help dogs receive medical care.

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