Where Trump got his information that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-- While questions continue over the Trump campaign's contact with Russia, today President Trump dropped an explosive allegation. He said that his phones were wiretapped by former President Obama before the election.

In a series of 6 tweets, including this one, Trump said Obama had his "wires tapped" in Trump Tower, but found nothing. He called it "McCarthyism."

Trump later wrote this tweet, comparing the alleged wire tapping to the Nixon-Watergate scandal and calling Obama a "bad (or sick) guy."

Senior U.S. officials with knowledge of the Federal investigation into Russian interference in the election say there has been no wiretap. And a spokesman for Obama said in a statement that a rule of the Obama administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice.

So where did the President get his information about wiretapping claims? He is not saying, but in the past two days, several conservative media outlets have reported that same story, including conservative radio host Mark Levin and the conservative media site Breitbart News, which used to be led by Trump's Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.