Local rally joins grassroots movement nationwide to voice support for President Trump

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DAVENPORT-- More than 200 people rallied to show support for President Donald Trump at the Davenport Guns Warehouse March 4th, 2017.

The rally is part of a nationwide grassroots effort to show the values and aspirations of the millions who voted for President Trump.

"I see a lot of excitement, I see a lot of energy," says Jeff Kauffman, Iowa Republican Party Chairman, "It's just fun to come together with a group of people that are as excited as you are about a president actually following through and doing what he's promised to do."

Guest speakers included advocates speaking on topics such as anti-abortion, gun rights, and military defense.

Rally supporters also shared their support for other agenda items they hope to see tackled during Trump's first one-hundred days in office.

"Securing our border that's a real big thing on my mind and tax relief also." says rally supporter Ron Rockwell, " I think he's getting a lot done the first hundred days."

Kauffman says he hopes the rally provides a way for people to voice their support for the 45th President.

"Democracy is about making sure your voice is being heard."