‘Burpees for Babies’ benefits March of Dimes

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — An unpopular workout is helping raise money for premature babies. Top Shape Gym in Davenport hosted Burpees for Babies Saturday morning, March 4.

Burpees are a full body workout that involves a person going from a push up position, to a squat, to a  jump. For every dollar raised, trainers and instructors had to do one burpee.

Today, they did a total of 2,963.

"It was a challenge to kinda get back at the trainers and instructors, because they always make us do burpees. And so the idea came to make your trainer or your instructor do them instead. And so for every dollar that was raised, the trainers and instructors had to do the burpees instead of the members," said Natasha Lee, gym member.

The event also included a $5 charity bootcamp. All of the money raised will go to the March of Dimes.