Feline Friday: Check out this Los Angeles kitten dorm

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Have you ever wanted the joys of cat ownership without the hassles of cleaning litter boxes, sweeping up shedding hair and protecting your furniture from claw damage? Well this is your lucky Feline Friday.

A cat adoption center in Los Angeles has mounted three streaming video cameras of what they are calling their “kitten dorm”. All of the kittens frolicking (well, to be honest, they do sleep a lot) in the video are adoptable. Their names and a little bit of info on the cats can be found here.

Here is the current roster as of March 3:

Momcat is Bagheera (green collar), Charlotte (no collar – all grey kitten), Milo (no collar – brown tabby), Flora (no collar – grey tabby), Coulson (red collar – grey tabby)
And the older fosters & residents:
Oreo (black and white tuxedo), Pyro (tortishell), Arf (all black), Korben (Long hair tabby/mainecoon)