A youth movement sparks up at 9th Annual Community Day in Rock Island

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The NAACP of Rock Island County hosted it's annual community day on February 26th 2017.

This year the theme of the community day was Catching Fire, Fired Up.

It focused on getting young people to be actively involved in their local communities.

"We've got to be engaged as a community. And we've got to be engaged on grass root levels. We've got to be attuned to what's happening and how we can affect change or maintain what it is that we have. It's putting the act in activism is what it is," says President of the Rock Island County NAACP, Berlinda Tyler-Jamison.

People of all ages and backgrounds were encouraged to attend the event at the House of Fire Ministries in Rock Island.

Each year they host the Religious Affairs Community Day every 4th Sunday in February.