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Tipsy drinkers who leave their car at the bar come back to find a surprise

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ROCK FALLS, Illinois – Instead of giving out tickets to cars left behind in a parking lot, a local bar and grill is rewarding people instead.

Long Shot Bar & Grill in Rock Falls started leaving notes on customer’s cars left in its parking lot overnight. A coupon for a free burger or flat bread is also included in the note.

Raven Willett received the note when she had a night out at Long Shot a few weeks ago. Willett says she had a few drinks and hitched a ride home with her brother. She left her car in the bar’s parking lot overnight and when she went to pick it up in the morning, she returned to a surprise.

“I was for sure I got a ticket and when I picked it up and read it, I was surprised that it said we wanted to say thank you and surprised they even do this, said Willett.

The note and free food coupon, left by bar staff, is in an effort to reward customers for being responsible and not drinking and driving.


The bar says it's not aware of problems with DUIs in the area but hopes to encourage people to drive sober.

“It might have started here but we would like to see this spread in Illinois and Iowa, anything to keep communities safe,” says Melissa Ryan-Bergstrom.

“It’s important that the community knows they want them safe,” added Willett.

Long Shot started rewarding customers for not driving drunk in December. It's given out 30 coupons so far.

To avoid misuse of the notes and coupons, it’s printed in color, signed by a staff member and includes a date when given and expiration date. To redeem, both the letter and coupon must be presented.

Long Shot also offers to pay for cab rides for customers who are over the legal alcohol limit to drive.

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