Snow joke: Parts of Iowa could receive a foot of snow tonight

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Winter is far from over. And just because we set six record high temperatures in a row does not mean we are out of the woods when it comes to snow. I still have a gut feeling that there's still one weather system out there that will get the shovels out of the garage again. I could be wrong, but still.

Blizzard Warnings are up for areas of Northwestern Iowa for what will blow in tonight.

Heavy snow and a lot of wind will grind all roads north of Des Moines to a halt tonight. More than a foot of snow is likely for Spencer, Lake Okoboji, and Algona, Iowa. Right now, our models bullseye the Rochester, Minnesota with perhaps a foot and a half of snow! The timing is for Thursday evening through midday Friday.

On the flip side of the coin, severe weather is possible on Friday, east of the Quad Cities.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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