Proposed Iowa law does away with age limits for teaching kids how to shoot handguns

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BETTENDORF, Iowa — These two moms are spending the morning catching up while the kids get their energy out with dad.

"His next birthday present, at five, will be a BB gun to start practicing," says mom Amber Bratton.

Teaching kids at any age how to use a handgun would become easier if a new bill is passed in Iowa. Similar bills have been discussed before but haven't had enough support.

The president of the Iowa Firearm Coalition says with more republicans in office, the support for these laws is growing.

Right now in Iowa, a kid has to be 14-years-old to learn how to use a handgun. They can already use a rifle.

Opponents of the bill say a child's brain isn't developed enough to understand the consequences that come with firing a gun, but these moms see things differently.

"It's not a bad thing to be teaching them just like their ABC's or how to write," says Bratton.

"Being able to teach your children weapons aren't like toys like a nerf gun, there's a big difference in teaching them this is a real thing with real consequences," says mom Sabrina Even.

To these moms, relaxed laws mean a safer future for their kids.

"It really is the family's choice," says Bratton.

Another part of the bill would create a 'stand your ground' law. Right now in Iowa, a person can shoot someone if they break into their home. The new law would make it so you could shoot someone in self defense in more public places.

The bill also addresses concealed carry permits. Right now in Iowa, those permits have to be renewed every five years. Under the new law, those permits would be good for a lifetime.

The bill is House Study Bill 133.

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