Witnesses recall what happened during Kewanee apartment fire

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KEWANEE, Illinois - An apartment fire at at the Prairie Green Apartments displaced many families.

"This one right here, that's mostly broken out, is where the fire started," said Angela Neff, witness.

Angela Neff looked at the broken out windows, remembering the scary moments of the night before.

"They were busting out the windows, smoke was coming out I just was worried about my cousin, this was her house," said Neff.

For Angela, she feared the worst when she saw where the apartment had started.

"I was looking for her trying to find her and she was okay, she wasn't here, thank god and every body was evacuated," said Neff.

Even before firefighters arrived, people at the complex sprung into action.

"I came out and we just started banging on doors, trying to get everybody out," said Dawn Rusk, witness.

People that live there said it's a close-knit community.

"I've lived here for 2 years I know almost everybody that lives here," said Neff.

During devastating times, they'll continue to look out for one-another.