Upcoming primary could be the last of its kind for East Moline

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois - In one week, voters will head to the polls in the Illinois primary, but races in East Moline will be decided by next Tuesday's voting, because only one party ever runs.

For mayor, the candidates are Gary Westbrook, Mayor John Thodos, and Reggie Freeman.

Alderman Gary Westbrook has served 12 years on the East Moline council, "I would have a greater opportunity to help move the city forward."

Then there's former Police chief Reggie Freeman, who says the city needs new ideas,“We need some new blood and we need a new view."

Finally, the third candidate is Mayor John Thodos, who's hoping he can serve his fourth term as Mayor, "Building the tax base, keeping taxes lower. Our taxes are way too high.”

All are Democrats.

While February 28th, is just the primary election for races in Illinois, it will essentially decide who becomes East Moline's Mayor.

1972 was the last time any Republican ran for office, so in April there will be no Republicans running in the general election.

"This is a democrat city," said Freeman.

However, this could be the last time parties matter in East Moline. Voters in April will be asked if city elections should be non-partisan.

These candidates are focusing on next week's vote; one they say is a big one for the city.

"We`ve certainly been trying to get that message out how important it is for people to vote on the 28th," said Westbrook.

East Moline also has primaries in two of its city council wards next week.

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