Blind man can sue McDonald’s for drive-thru only ordering, federal judge says

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DAVENPORT-- A blind man from Louisiana is suing McDonald's. He wants the restaurant to come up with another solution for people who physically can't drive through a drive-thru when the building is closed. The man says it goes against the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Despite McDonald's attempt to have the case dismissed, a federal judge ruled last week the man can go forward with the suit.

For some people, the case doesn't make sense.

"I think the lawsuit is ridiculous. He could get somebody to drive him so he could get his McDonald's Big Mac if he wanted," says Silvis resident Kathleen Mecham.

"I'm all for non-discrimination, but there's also a cost that comes with keeping a full restaurant open verses a drive-thru," says Davenport resident Cathy Fier.

And then there are others who think differently.

"I think a lot of people aren't aware of the discrimination they are doing. I believe we need to educate people more so they're aware of the limitations they're putting on many of their customers, limiting their own business," says Patrick Olsen.

Olsen is a member of the local chapter of the National Federation of the Blind, and so is Tori Clark. The two are both blind.

"Sometimes ordering food, there are some frustrations and limits," says Clark.

They want more options at fast food restaurants.

"What are my options? Either walk away and be frustrated or inconvenience a family member or an Uber driver to help you go through a drive-thru," says Clark.

They say the problem is bigger than craving chicken nuggets after hours. They say it comes down to better understanding people who may be different.

One alternative option to a 24 hour drive through that's been suggested is being able to order food from a McDonald's phone app. This way people can order food and have an employee come out to give it to them without needing a car.



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