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Proposed Illinois law looking to raise speed limit on interstates

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois - A proposed bill is looking to raise the speed limit on Illinois interstates and highways.

Senate Bill 2036 would increase the speed limit to 75 mph on Interstate 355, Interstate 80 and every interstate west of Interstate 355 and south of Interstate 80.

One driver in Illinois said he's against it because people already drive too fast.

In 2014, the speed limit was raised to 70 mph.

"As it is, people are already doing 10 mph over all the time and if people are doing 80 mph than that's fast enough," said Tony Frank.

He said with how fast drivers go, the interstate can be dangerous.

"Everybody's zipping around all the time and I think most people are responsible but you know people take advantage of it," said Frank.

Another driver said it's about time the speed limit was changed.

"In South Dakota, where I'm from, it's 85 mph and it seems to work a lot better, most people travel that fast anyway," said Kelsey Stevens.

The bill will also push the maximum speed outside an urban district to 60 mph on all highways, roads and streets that do not have four or more lanes of traffic and aren't interstate highways.

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