New festival brings all types of music to the Village of East Davenport

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - Playing in the Midwest is something the Driftless Sisters love the most.

"I actually think the Midwest is the place to be," said Lily Sprengelmeyer, Driftless Sisters.

The band played at Baked in the Village at the first year of GAS, Feed and Seed Festival.

"We knew as soon as we found out about this, that we totally want to play this because the line-ups gonna be really fun and Baked is a new venue that looks great," said Kathryn Karberg, Driftless Sisters.

The girls are one of nearly 40 bands from around the country who took the stage.

"It's just really about kind of like mobilizing people and getting people to really recognize that good things are happening here in the Quad Cities," said Sean Moeller, promoter, GAS, Feed and Seed Festival.

Music ranged from folk, to pop, to country, festival goers said there was something for every body.

"There are people here that are young, older and everything in-between," said Karen Bernick, festival goer.

It was an exciting weekend for all involved.

"The last two days have been tiring and exhilarating and wonderful and just seeing people happy and enjoying great music is a lot of fun," said Moeller.

Bands and fans alike hope to see the festival continue for years to come.