Forecast: Earliest warm up since Woodrow Wilson was president

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All week long we have been talking about the intense warm air that is coming into the Midwest for the weekend. It isn't out of the ordinary to get a spike in temperatures for mid February. But what is unusual is the fact that we don't have one day in the 60s forecast. Instead, we will go to 55 degrees on Thursday with high temperatures starting Friday afternoon, lasting for at least a week!

It's not just the fact that we will be in the 60s, we will have an opportunity to set record high temperatures each day for a week. The last time the Quad Cities was this warm, this early in the season Woodrow Wilson was president! The year was 1921 and that was the only time we got to 73 degrees on February 15. In fact, we've only seen 70 degree temperatures in our area five times in February...ever!

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In addition to our warm weekend, we decided to look through other cities' record books. Our high temperatures are very similar to the normal high temperatures in Los Angles, Houston, New Orleans, and Jacksonville, Florida. So, stay here in the Quad Cities for your free Florida vacation! Just don't plant any palm trees. There's plenty of below-freezing temperatures possible, way out into April.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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