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Muscatine McDonald’s offers first ever Valentines Day candlelight dinner

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MUSCATINE, Iowa - Some people in Muscatine spent their Valentines Day with a candlelight dinner, but it was in the least expected romantic place.

McDonald's decided they wanted to make the night special for their customers, offering its first ever Valentine's Day candlelight dinner.

"This is a community restaurant so we wanted to give people the opportunity to have kind of a magical moment," said Fallon Scheer, human resources and marketing director for McDonald's.

It's a special for Dean and Mildred Wanacker who have shared many anniversaries and Valentine's there over the 30 years.

"I thought it was sweet haha, I mean cause you know they`ve never done this before," said Mildred.

From the fancy menus and well-dressed servers, Mickey D's became a place for memories.

Kevin Brockert proposed to his girlfriend Adie Strong.

"I'm not good at planning things out," said Brockert.

It was also a memorable night for Laura Viner who was happy to spend time with her Valentine, her 8-year-old son Ethan.

“It gives that restaurant feel to it," said Viner.

Amid the paper napkins, plastic trays and fast food, this Valentine's Day dinner meant more than the very best steak dinner,

"It's definitely amazing, especially if some people can`t afford like the higher end meals," said Viner.

McDonald's plans on hosting the Valentine's Day dinner again next year.