Local gun shop owner says Illinois FOID Act is outdated

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - State Senator Neil Anderson filed legislation on February 9th to repeal the Firearm Owners Identification Act.

The FOID Act dates back to 1968 and was created as a way to identify those eligible to own firearms and ammunition.

For Illinois resident Adam Reece he has to have a FOID card to be able to purchase gun or ammunition.

"It's an extra step that I have to do, just to enjoy my hobby at the bottom of the day," said Reece.

The owner of Davenport Guns Jeanelle Westrom said it's outdated and is just a burden.

"It's a longer process but it doesn't solve any crimes, it doesn't prevent anything it's just a pain," said Westrom.

Some people may argue the FOID Act stops criminals and those with mental illnesses from getting a gun but Westrom said it's redundant because a Federal background check is required either way.

"All the steps have to be done, it doesn't matter where you live, California, Iowa, Illinois if you want to buy a gun you have to go through the NIX check," said Westrom.


For Reece he hopes that the bill will go through Illinois legislature but it won't keep him from enjoying his hobby.

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