Time has run out for old, historic bridge

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SAVANNA, Illinois - When the state opens a new bridge to link Sabula, Iowa to Savanna, Illinois, an old, historic bridge will be gone for good.

What some call neat, others call scary, but everyone will agree the Savanna-Sabula bridge is a piece of history.

The bridge has been around since 1932.

"People have a lot of pride in that bridge and I think that it kind of stands for Savanna you know, everyone`s use to it and grew up with it," said business owner, Chris Lain.

Right next to it, you can see the new bridge, ready to replace the old bridge this fall.

"I hate to see that big bridge go," said Fred Bresette, who lives in Sabula.

However, time may have run out for the old bridge. The state was willing to give the bridge away for free, even supplying a barge to move it, but there were no takers.

"I am surprised no one has taken it, especially since it's free, I mean it amazes me that it still hasn`t been snatched up. If I had a place for it I would take it, even though it scares me, I just wouldn`t be driving across it," said business owner, Elizabeth Straight.

Both communities say it's hard to say goodbye to the old, but many are ready for the new.

"It`s going to be sad to see it go, but I`m also excited to see what the new bridge looks like and what our riverfront's going to look like once it`s done," said Straight.

Illinois Department of Transportation says the old bridge should be demolished by winter 2018.