Moose lodge members catch “low life” on video burglarizing their building

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DAVENPORT — Members of the Davenport Iowa Moose Lodge are hopeful their recent installation of a surveillance camera will help them catch the person or persons who have repeatedly burglarized their club on Rockingham Road.

Moose treasurer Chuck Penn said a burglary caught on video in the early morning hours of Sunday, Feb. 5 is at least the third time in the past few years where burglars have broken out a window or door, opened up video gaming machines and an electronic jukebox and walked away with a small amount of money.

“It seems like it’s the same person or gang or whatever doing it every time, because they come in and go right to the same places every time,” Penn said. “They don’t bother the liquor or with the register behind the bar, they just go straight to the jukebox and gambling machines.”

After the last burglary, lodge members decided to invest in a camera. This week, they finally got a look at the perpetrator. The clear footage shows the man suddenly realize he’s being taped, cover his face and walk over to the camera and knock it down. But the footage was able to be sent to Davenport police, who are investigating.

“We’re hopeful he gets caught,” Penn said. “We’ve had over 3,000 views on Facebook already.”

In fact, as of 3 p.m., the Moose Lodge Facebook post with the video embedded had more than 11,000 views.

In addition to having his face splashed all over social media, the burglar also walked away with very little money, Penn said.

“The machines are leased and they are emptied out every other week or so,” he said. “And these guys seem to break in the day or two after they’re emptied. So they aren’t very smart in that respect.”


The Davenport Iowa Moose Lodge is at 2333 Rockingham