Dogs rescued from Burlington home now ready for adoption

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FORT MADISON, Iowa - Two weeks ago PAW Animal Shelter rescued more than 70 dogs from a home in Burlington, Iowa.

The 37 shih tzu's the PAW Animal Shelter kept at their shelter have come a long way.

"Margery was a little snarky and now, as of yesterday, we can reach in, pick her up, talk to her, so she will be going to the groomer," said Sandy Brown, Director of PAW Animal Shelter.

The dogs received a lot of love and care to get them acclimated to people.

"Everybody talks to them, everybody has a name, when you come in in the morning and you're cleaning their kennels or your taking them out and walking them, everybody talks to them," said Brown.

The shelter also had a lot of help from groomers and veterinarians who offered their services to get the dogs ready for adoption.

In the last couple of weeks the shelter has received more than 100 applications for the dogs.

"Three of them went home and we've gotten reports from two out of the three, they're doing very well, Dorthea, Shirley and Gertie all went home," said Brown.

The shelter hopes to have all of the dogs to their homes in the next couple of weeks but are going to make sure they go to the right ones.

"Our biggest concern, is people understand that these are not your grandma's shih tzu's," said Brown.

The shelter said the dogs have not been house trained and will need special attention and care but they're sure the dogs will go to loving homes.