Davenport city council plans next steps to bring in Sterilite

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DAVENPORT --- City leaders in Davenport will meet be in City Hall discussing the latest updates on the Sterilite project Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

In order for the plastic company to come to the area the council needs to rezone the land next to the new Kraft Hienz building on the northwestern part of the city; that will be the new location for Sterilite. Right now that land can only be used for agricultural purposes but rezoning that property will allow the city to use it for industrial development.

During the meeting the council will motion to pass a second and third consideration for the property rezoning in the same sitting. This way plans for construction can continue as soon as possible.

"(It's like) moving all the various pieces that need to be put into place for them to start construction and build this plant," says Alderman Bill Boom.


Members of the council will also vote to approve an application for a grant called the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Revitalizing Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE). This will help with the cost of other road repairs and improvements also connected to the Sterilite project.

" That is a transportation grant that if we were successful could take millions of dollars out of the tiff and get davenport its money quicker, " says Boom.

The council hopes to see construction on the project begin next spring.