Boudoir photography is taking off in the QCA

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ROCK ISLAND -- Boudoir photography is increasing in popularity in the Quad Cities, where women wearing next to nothing are posing for pictures to give to their mates.

"Weddings is the biggest part of what we do. After that though, it's boudoir," said Carrie Meumann, owner of Avenue Studios Photography in Rock Island.

"Boudoir is what many people may have referred to as 'glamour.' The youngest  I've had in here was 18 and the oldest woman I've had here was 60 years old," said Meumann.

But, it's not your mother's "glamour" shot.

Boudoir subjects are generally shot in bras, panties and lingerie. Meumann says nerves are natural at first, but by the time the shoot is finished, "I'm their best friend. In the end, they really feel empowered."

Meumann has now devoted an entire room in the downtown loft to the boudoir business, with a bed, chandeliers for attractive lighting, vintage furniture, and a spiral staircase acquired from Jumer's Lodge after it closed.

Clients often give the photos to their boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse as a gift. But, not always.

"Every woman is beautiful. They are their own worst critic. I've had all shapes and sizes. I had a woman, she's on a weight loss journey and she comes in and does boudoir  to have her weight loss journey documented. She does it for herself," Meumann said.

Make-up artists and hairdressers are available upon request, and Muemann says Valentines Day is a busy time of year. Packages start at $150.

Meumann worked at Mid-American Energy for close to 18 years, but had a passion for taking pictures.

She left the corporate world about seven years ago to try her hand at owning her own business.

"I took a leap of faith, with the support of my husband, and never looked back,"she said.