Local Iowa school district frustrated over state’s funding debate

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DURANT, Iowa - Iowa lawmakers held a public input meeting Monday, February 6, 2017 on funding for public school districts.

Currently, republicans want a 1.1% increase for each student in Iowa, that adds up to about $40 million.

Democrats are pushing for almost four times that and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said wants a 2% increase.

Durant Community School District has been keeping a close eye on what's happening at the state capitol.

"It gets very frustrating, you get to the point where you believe you're not being supported by the state representatives," said Duane Bennett, Superintendent Durant Community School District.

For Bennett, he's expecting the worst case scenario of a 1.1% increase.

"We're actually only getting about $42,000 new money from the state at 1.1% which passed the senate last week," said Bennett.

Bennet said when schools aren't getting the funding they need, one of the first things to go is personnel.

"I was wanting to hire an elementary counselor back, right now I'd say that's in jeopardy," said Bennett.