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65-year-old Aledo dance company continues to find success

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ALEDO, Illinois - A local dance team will hit the stage this weekend at Disney World.

A group of dancers at Myrna Rae's Studio of Dance were chosen to perform there.

"We have put so many hours of work into those dances," said student, Alison Young.

Not only have students put a lot of hours into those dances, but a lot of hours over the last 65 years. Display cases full of trophies prove that.

The person behind all of the company's success sits off the side and watches the group practice. 79-year-old Myrna Rae started the dance company back in 1952.

She's taught generations of families, some have even stuck around to help.

"She is basically a grandmother to me even though we are not related," said former student and now dance instructor, April Plohr.

Before Rae had an actual studio, she taught classes out of her basement and before that, classes were in her family's chicken coop.

"It was a big chicken coop," Rae laughs.

It all started when Rae's mother made her start taking dance lessons at the age of six.

"Because I didn`t have any rhythm and so she wanted me to start," said Rae.

The rest is history; Rae eventually got some rhythm and starting teaching others.

"I can`t really picture myself doing anything else," said Rae.

Heather Whan says Rae's passion for dance has inspired her, "She helped me foster my talents and figured out what my passion was and helps me grow as a dancer."

Rae hopes to inspire even more; she says she's not ready to turn her dancing shoes in just yet.

"Until I fall over, haha, I'll have to be here with my cane haha," said Rae.

The team will perform at Disney World on Sunday, February 12th. While there, the students will get lessons from Disney performers.