Boys who entered Monmouth storm drain system have been located, police say

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Monmouth Police Chief Bill Feithen confirmed on Monday morning, February 6, 2017, that the boys they were looking for had been located.

Chief Feithen told WQAD News 8 that the boys came forward and were identified as the two high school aged boys police had previously been searching for.

On Sunday, a girl had seen the two go into a manhole and told her mom, Chief Feithen said. Her mom then reported it to police.

The city's police and fire departments responded to start searching for the boys, and two officers went into the storm drain system. All they found was a skateboard that had been left behind.

Police said they believe the two boys exited out a different manhole a couple blocks away from where they entered.

Officials say they are done searching.

Editor's Note: The Monmouth Police Department had previously referred to the system as a "sewer system," but it is actually a storm drain system, Chief Feithen said.

Original report:

MONMOUTH, Illinois — The Monmouth Police Department is asking for the public's help in locating two boys who have gone missing.

Around 4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 5, two white males - possibly teens - were seen entering the sewer system through a manhole cover in the area of S. Ninth and E. Sixth streets, reports a press release.

A skate board was left behind inside the sewer system.

One of the boys has blond hair and the other has dark hair. One wore a camouflage coat and the other a gray coat.

The Monmouth Police Department says they need to know the boys are safe, and out of the sewer system. Police, fire and city street crews have been searching for the boys.

Anyone with information is asked to called the department at 309-734-8383.