What people are eating, spending, and betting on, ahead of Super Bowl Sunday

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HOUSTON, Texas-- Happy "Super Bowl Saturday", or "Super Bowl Eve"! Whatever you call it, the Super Bowl is just a day away, and more than 180 million Americans are preparing for big game festivities.170203_gma_break_full5_0830_4x3_992

Super Bowl Sunday is America's second biggest eating day of the year (after Thanksgiving, of course.) Google compiled a list of the "most-searched recipes." Nationally, buffalo wings are the most common recipe people look up. An estimated 1.3 billion wings are expected to be eaten tomorrow. In Illinois, the most popular recipe searched was "buffalo chicken dip." In Iowa, it's "artichoke dip."

And the price of all that food adds up! Americans are expected to spend almost $14.1 billion on all things Super Bowl, from food & drinks to T.V. sets, as well as decorations, jerseys, and things like that.

It's not a Super Bowl without some crazy bets. Sure, there's the typical office pool, but here are some other things that bookkeepers in Las Vegas are putting their money on:

  • What Luke Bryan will be wearing when he starts singing the National Anthem (either blue jeans or any other pants/shorts)
  • How long Bryan's National Anthem rendition will be (over/under 2 minutes, 9 seconds)
  • How many times Gisele, Tom Brady's wife, will be shown during the game
  • What color Lady Gaga's hair will be (either blonde or any other color)
  • Which song she'll play first during the Halftime Show

The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons will square off tomorrow. The game starts at 5:30 PM, (so you still have time to watch our 5 o-clock news beforehand!)